81 Families

Waiting in the Flint Ridge Baptist Church Activity Building were 81 bicycles, and many overflowing tables of Christmas toys. A room full of volunteers arrived at 7:00am on Saturday Morning to take care of 81 families who registered for the… Read More ›

AJ Sounds of Season

The AJHS Choral Department Proudly presented Sounds of The Season on Thursday night in the AJHS auditorium. Directed by Lizzi Elliott, the presentation combined formal choral performances with more relaxed popular music. Various Groups of singers included Chorus 1, Combined… Read More ›


If anyone ever tries to say you throw like an 11 year old girl, just say thank you and battle on. The Lancaster County Dixie Softball teams are doing just that. All three teams, Darlings, Angels, and Ponytails are making… Read More ›