About Pantagraph

The news is a vital part of our daily life. In small communities, it is part of our regular routine.  In the past, we would turn to the print media and television to get that information. The world is changing. Now more and more news is derived via the web and accessed online.

Smartphones have changed the media consumption. As a result, newer ways to access the day’s news have evolved. This is what Pantagraph is designed to address. News now, and easily accessible.

The focus of our news will be on the Kershaw area of Lancaster County, South Carolina. Stories will reflect news that the residents need, with news for the county that may be of interest to our readers. Stories that help Kershaw area residents stay informed.

In our first three months in existence, it has become clear that our readers are very interested in visual additions to stories. Pictures and videos fit in the model that readers have an interest. So, stories will include pictures and in some cases videos. Brevity is also strongly valued, so we will keep stories short and provide relevant details.

Pantagraph was an inspiration derived by the death of Jim McKeown, owner of the Kershaw News Era. Stories needed to be told, and there was no way to present them. Thus Pantagraph was born. It will continue until the need is no longer relevant.

We are open to feedback and submissions, in fact, we encourage it. We are here for our readers and want to make this a valuable site for you. Send feedback or submissions to editor@pantagraph.online .