Welcome to Kershaw, Patches. Welcome Home

by David Kellin, editor@pantagraph.online

There is a wave of art is sweeping the nation. Cities are adding to their attractiveness by have specific themed art pieces installed around their communities. For years the Bears of New Bern NC have stood majestically across the city. Kershaw has its’ own art piece as of today.

Patches has been installed in front of the playground in Stevens’ Park. Patches is one of 10 dogs that have been or will be installed around Lancaster County. Each fiberglass dog was individually painted and covered with two coats of clear coat. They are expected to last will beyond 20 years.

The first dog installed was at USCL in Lancaster. Eight more will be installed. Efforts are being made to secure grant funds for a second round of dogs. The Lancaster County Council of the Arts spearheads the project.

Patches was painted by artist, Petra Pechova. Bob Doster created his pedestal. The hope is that Patches will become a destination, as will the other dogs, to help people explore our county.

There is a QR code on the plaque on the pedestal that you can scan to learn more about patches. So to the newest member of the Kershaw Community, I say Welcome Home Patches, Welcome Home.

If you go by the playground and take a selfie with Patches, please send it to me at editor@pantagraph.online . I will gather them into a photo gallery of pictures with Patches

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