Volunteers Spread Out To Pick Up Trash In Kershaw

The Town of Kershaw and The Heart and Soul Committee brought volunteers out on Saturday to pick up trash across the town of Kershaw. Many areas of town have become littered and unattractive. The efforts of volunteers aimed to reverse some of that.

I found a spot on the road behind IGA and in 10 minutes I was able to gather a half trash bag of trash.

As I traveled through the sites where volunteers were working, I saw more than litter. It was sad to see a stack of old tires being piled on the road side.

I am sure the efforts were appreciated. I am also sure that it will take more than just four hours on one day to get the town clean up. Even more, the attitude of “someone else will get this, Toss” needs to change. If it doesn’t change, in a month, the litter will be back.

Maybe the bigger value of efforts like Saturday’s will be awareness. A moment to realise that it takes us all to keep the town clean. Kershaw brags that we are a family, that means all of us pitch in the keep our home clean. We need everyone to be proactive. If it takes only a minute to pick up something, take the effort. Small efforts build and we will be successful. At least in my humble opinion.

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