Buy Me A Coffee

By David Kellin,

There is a change you will begin to see on the site and on posts. I want to explain, so you will know what the buttons are for and why they are there.

Buy Me A Coffee

Buy me a coffee to help keep me inspired and energized while adding great content


The Buy me a Coffee button will be on each forthcoming post and on the main page. It is a way to help with the costs of the site. It is not required that you use it.

Free Content is not free to present. There are costs to running this newsblog. On other news website, there is a paywall or they only allow you 5 articles per month. Other sites are overloaded with popup ads and video ads. I don’t like those, and wanted the content on Pantagraph to be freely available to anyone.

You will notice that is free of outside ads. There are some sidebar ads on the mainpage. Free newspapers rely on ads.

I am putting my trust in you, that if you find the content provided valuable, you can buy me a cup of coffee to help with the costs. If you don’t, please continue to enjoy the content at no cost. Please be aware that the buy me a coffee button will be part of your experience from this point forward.

Thanks, David

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