AJ Racks Two Home Wins Over Lewisville On Friday Night.

By David Kellin, Editor@pantagraph.online

The Andrew Jackson Volunteers and Lady Vols each scored wins over Lewisville at home on Friday Night in a regional matchup . The Lady Vols won 47-39, and The Vols won 58-57at the last moment.

The Vols and the Lions were tied 57-57 with a minute left in the game. Jadakiss Talford for the Lions made several efforts to score in the last moments but was rejected. As the buzzer sounded at the end of regulation, the Lions committed a foul on Jamie Hinson. He was given two free throws, He missed the first and made the second one to give the Vols the win.

The Lion presented a strong opponent. The Vols took the first quarter with a score of 13-11.  Lewisville surged before the half and led 31-22. The Lions maintained the lead through three quarters by one point 43-42. The Vols pulled up to a tie at the end of regulation and won on a free throw by Jamie Hinson 58-57.

Joey Walters was lead scorer for the Vols with 26 points on 7 goals and 4 treys. Jalen Robinson, and DJ Ealey each had 7 points. Tyrone Gilford and Jawquinn Black each added 6 points. OJ White added 4 points. Jamie Hinson had 2 points.

AJ head Coach Danny Wright said of the game. ” Last night was an awesome game played by two good teams. It was also a huge win for our boys and basketball program. I was very proud of my boys for never quitting. They demonstrated a lot of heart and volunteer pride last night. As a team, they came out the second half and executed the game plan which led us to the win. “

Demetric Hardin was lead scorer for the Lions with 20 points.

The Lady Vols scored an eight-point win over the Lady Lions 47-39. The Lady Vols trailed by one point at the end of the first quarter but took a three point lead at the half 21-18. The lead remained close through the third quarter with Vols leading 28-26. The Lady Vols kept the lead to the end of the game for the win 47-39.

Iesha Williams was lead scorer for the Lady Vols with 12 points on 4 goals and 4 of 7 free throws. Osha Black and Caroline Wrenn each had 11 points. Annsley Vick added 5 points. Makenzie Marshall and Lexi Roberson each had 4 points.

Amber Bass was lead scorer for the Lewisville Girls with 23 points

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