Vols Lose By One Point In Double Overtime

By David Kellin, editor@pantagraph.online

The Andrew Jackson Volunteers split the ticket with Lewisville Lions Tuesday night. The Lady Vols won their game 56 to 38. The Vols lost to the Lions in double overtime by one point 83 to 84

The boys’ game was a heated battle for the entire game. The Lewisville boys came out with a full court press and tried to deny the Vols any room to work. The Vols stuck to their sets and worked the ball to the net consistently.

The last few minutes of the game were the most emotional. With seconds left in the second overtime period, the Lions were up by two points. Maurice Grant of the Lions drew a technical foul that allowed Joey Walters to come to the line to possibly tied the game with under 5 seconds left to play. Before he could get to the line the Lewisville fans started to create a disruption. Several were physically removed by the Chester County Sheriff’s Officers attending the game. When order was restored, Joey toed the line and sank the first one bringing the score to 83-84.

As Joey shot his second shot, a woman from the Lewisville side of the court rushed across the court right behind Joey towards the AJ bench. Deputies ran after her and directly across the field of play. His free throw did not go in. The referees moved the ball to the Lewisville side of the court and gave the ball to AJ to in-bounds. The Vols launched up a Hail Mary that bounced off the rim as the buzzer sounded. At least 4 people were ejected from the game, two directly by a referee

The Vols lead each quarter through three, and were tied at the end of regulation. The Vols led by 2 at the end of the first quarter 17-15. At the half the lead was one point at 32-31. The margin of one point was there at the end of three with AJ in the lead 52-51. At the end of the fourth quarter, the teams were tied 64-64. The game continued to overtime and at the end of 4 minutes the score was 74 – 74. A second overtime was played. The score at the end of the game was Vols 83- Lions 84

DJ Ealey was lead scorer for the Vols with 21 points on 6 goals and 3 treys. Jalen Roberson had 19 points, Joey Walters added 17 points. Jamie Hinson had 15 points, and OJ White had 11 points.

Vols Head Coach Danny Wright said of the game “Last night was an exciting and intense game.  Both teams played hard. I was very pleased with the performance of my players.  They played with a lot of heart and pride the whole game.  We missed a couple of  free throws and layups down the stretch which later came back to hurt us.  We played tough but just came up short. Very proud of my boys efforts.

 The Andrew Jackson Lady Vols found a decisive win over the Lady Lions The Ladys Vols led the entire game. At the end of the first quarter the lead was one point, 11-10. At the half the lead had grown to 11 with a 27-16 score. At the end of the third quarter, the Lady Vols led 44-28. The Lady Vols win at the end of regulation 56-38.

Osha Black was lead scorer with 15 points on 6 goals and 3 for 3 in free throws. Iesha Williams score 13 , Oksana Lathan had 10 points. Caroline Wrenn added 9 points. Makenzie Marshall had 5 points. Anslay Vick had 4 points.

For the Lady Lions Allie Keels was lead scorer with 13 on 2 goals and 9 of 11 free throws.

Andrew Jackson Lady Vols coach Olivia Gaines said “They executed the game how they were supposed to. They were disciplined and I was proud. I’m most proud of Oksana Lathan.”  Coach Gaines puts a lot on Lathan because she knows her potential. “Games like tonight makes my coaching staff and myself proud. Not to say that we don’t have a lot more work to put in because we do, but I like the level we are playing on right now.”

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