What is Joy?

Joy, it is not the emotion that one expected after two massive losses on the basketball court. The Chester Lady Cyclones faced two different oppoents during the Comporium Christmas Classic that happened on Friday and Saturday of this week. Their first game was a loss at 82-6 and the second game was not as bad, but pretty bad.

And yet the scenes above were indicitive of the joy at the Chester bench just after the second game. So here as Paul Harvey would say is the rest of the story.

The score of the game was 58-9 when the ball landed out of bounds with 0.7 seconds left on the clock and it was the Lady Cyclones ball. seven tenths of a second is a terribly short time. a half step and it is gone. The player takes the position on the side of the court, ready to pass the ball in. The shout from the bench is to trow it up when you get it. Keyanna Wilmore took the ball into play and turned around and lofted it towards the goal. In what seemed like a single fluid motion the ball arched and dropped into the basket as the buzzer sounded. Keyanna was standing outside of the thrre point line. This basket was her only score of the whole game. The Chester bench erupted in cheers and shouts. It sounded and looked like they had won the game.

I would argue that they did win. Not the contest with the other team, but a small victory of self respect. A feeling that yes we can. Joy comes when we have opportunity, ability and hope combined with action. I doubt the talk on the bus will be how they did not do, but the seven tenths of a second that mattered most to them.

The coach named Keyanna as all tournament player for the Chester Team. Don’t feel sad that they lost, rejoice in the moment that they share as a team. Feel the hug of the coach as you know you did something great. Feel the warmth of friends and teammates inspired by the deed. No don’t get all maudlin and think they are not up to the challenge, for they just might suprise you the next time you meet. Be careful of Keyanna and the three point range. For today, Joy is a three point score with seven tenth of a second left on the clock. Great Shot Keyanna!

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