Volunteers Grab Both Titles in Comporium Christmas Classic

By David Kellin, editor@pantagraph.online

Both Volunteers teams emerged victorious at the Comporium Christmas Classic that took place at Andrew Jackson High School on Saturday the 29th.

The girl’s matchup was between the Lady Vols and the Marlboro County Bulldogs. The Lady Vols came in off an 82-6 win over Lady Cyclones on Friday. The Lady Bulldogs won their match over the Monroe Girls team

The game was a moment by moment contest. The Bulldogs mounted a strong defense. The Lady Vols kept the pressure on when they got and kept the lead for most of the game. Alexis Roberson was sidelined due to injury.

The Lady Vols led the first quarter by 1 point 8-7. At the half, both teams tied at 16. The third quarter saw the Lady Bulldogs pull ahead by 7 points 36 to 29. The Lady Vols rallied and end the match two points ahead. The final score was 47-45. The Lady Vols won the Girls’ Comporium Christmas Classic Championship.

Caroline Wrenn took the leadership of scoring this match with 13 points on 5 goals and 3 of 6 free throws. Osha Black had 11 points and was named as one of the MVPs. Annsley Vick had 8 points. McKenzie Marshall had 6 points. Iesha Williams had 5 points and was named overall Tournament MVP. Oksana Lathan had 4 points

Olivia Gaines, Head Coach for Lady Vols said. “We started off with good defense.” She commented on how they lasted till the 3rd quarter and then slid back. “I want us to come out of a timeout and be able to execute.  When it comes down to the line they have the heart to overcome adversity. At any given moment, we can fight adversity. I am looking forward to regionals.”

The Andrew Jackson Boys did battle with an overwhelmingly fast Chester team on Saturday and walked away with the title.

The main game was the last game of the day between the Vols and Cyclones. The match was a defensive battle. The Cyclones utilized a fast-moving covering full press that the Vols fought hard against. The Vols got the lead and battled to keep it throughout the game.

The Vols had an 8-point lead at the end of the first quarter 21-13. The score at the half was 43 to 39 in favor of the Vols. The third quarter score was 64-59 for the Vols. The final score was 79-70 with the Vols taking the title of Comporium Christmas Classic Champions.

Jamie Hinson the Tournament MVP was the lead scorer with 22 points on 1 goal, 2 treys, and 14 of 18 free throws. DJ Ealy added 14 points. Tyrone Gilford had 11 points. OJ White Was named to All-Tournament team for Vols. He and Joey Walters each had 10 points. Jalen Robinson had 7 points and Jawquinn Black had 5 points.

Danny Wright, Head Coach for Andrew Jackson Volunteers said. “They played hard both games. They were relentless on both offense and defense. They believe in each other and work as a team. They left everything on the court.”

The Vols travel to Lewisville on January 8th for an away game.

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