By David Kellin, Editor@pantagraph.online

504 Veterans lie in the Kershaw Cemetery. 504 Wreathes lie on the grave as Kershaw gathered to honor those Veterans who have died, and living Veterans everywhere.

On December 15th, Arlington Cemetery places wreaths on the graves of Veterans. Across America, in over 1400 other locations a coordinated effort is made to place wreaths on Veterans’ graves. Kershaw is one of those site, and we have 504 service members to remember and honor. 

As a wreath is placed, the name of the veteran is said out loud and the veteran is remembered. In Kershaw, a special wreath is placed at the flag of each branch of service, and the POW/MIA flag.

The North Central JROTC serves as the Honor Guard. and stands a post at the flags. At the end of the event, Taps is played, and the haunting notes settle over the loved ones.

Some of the veterans had yet to be honored. It allowed me to participate to honor a Brother in Arms. I laid a wreathe on the grave of William D. Cook a TEC 5 who served in World War II.

For our 504 this is a day of remembrance, and for those of us attending, it is an education and a way to share honor with them. This Year TEC 5 Cook is my one of the 504. Who is yours?

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