The Weather Outside is..

By David Kellin,

It was a dark and rainy night. The cold wind whipped the raindrops from their course to fall at angles. The weathermen were forecasting 0-20 inches of snow by morn. It was a night not fit for man nor beast, But the Lancaster Parade, No problem!

At 5pm, I found my spot next to the Judging tent, and with a little help from my friends, I set up my 10 x 10 Gamecocks tent and waited. Other years, the streets filled up. Cold or pleasant, the Meeting Street would fill up with people starting about 5 pm. Quarter past. Half Past, Quarter Till, and the first people arrive, and a few more and that is all. 

I am not sure the total number of people who attended. There were about twenty five near me. There were more people on the Buford Cheer float, than on my side of the block. 

Tradition in important, and the Lancaster Parade is a tradition. To have not held it would have felt so wrong. The power of a parade is not often observed. Under my tent, a mother and her very young daughter sought shelter from the rain. It was the little girl’s first parade. I watched in amazement at her amazement. She stood watched all the cars and floats go by. I am sure it really did not make a lot of sense to her, but she was fascinated. She probably will lose the memory of this parade, but I hope she begins a lifelong love of parades. I know it was a difficult decision to hold a parade in the weather conditions such as they were. For that little girl, it was all worth it. 

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