Joining The Redneck Yacht Club

There is something about integrity that makes listening to a singer more meaningful. On Friday Evening Craig Morgan came to Lancaster to perform at the Bundy Auditorium at USCL as part of the Performing Arts Series

As I arrive prepared for the usual Meet and Greet that is held before the concert, I learn that the singer has been going back and forth on whether to hold one, and has decided no. I respect that we humans can have a less than perfect day. 

As the concert begins, it is clear that he is not feeling well, and he says so. A cup of something was placed beside him, and he begins to bring the house down with gentile personal interactions. He would sing some and then just stop and change directions, all the while talking to the audience like we were in a practice rather than the concert.

He defined himself as a songwriter first, and later in the show he found a couple in the front row who were about to get married. Gathering a few details from the couple, he wrote and sang a song right there on stage. 

If this was Craig Morgan when he was sick, heaven help us if he comes back and is feeling 100%. The crowd was very appreciative of his efforts and gave him a lasting round of applause. Well, I am off to meet with Bob (He’s the President) and get my BassTracker cleaned up. See you down at the club. 

Thanks Lancaster.

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