Storm update

From Darren Player LCEMD

During the 4PM weather briefing by the National Weather Service, much of the forecast remains as yesterday.  Lancaster County and Chesterfield County are under a Winter Weather Watch extending into Monday and that may be extended into Tuesday.  The storm is forecast to begin impacting our county late in the evening on Saturday with significant impact through the night and into the morning on Sunday.  Precipitation will continue into Sunday but a slight warming trend will transition to only rain and be above freezing into the day on Monday.  There is a chance precipitation will continue into Monday night and transition back to frozen precipitation into Tuesday morning.

Snow amounts for Lancaster County will range from a possible maximum of 3-6” in the Panhandle to 2-3” just south of the City of Lancaster in a line extending across the county over to Pageland in Chesterfield County.  Snow amounts mixed with freezing rain could be in the 1-2” range in the more southern part of the county from the Catawba River to the Chesterfield County line and going as far south as Camden in Kershaw County.  If it isn’t snow then it could be as much as 0.10” – 0.25” of ice accumulation on elevated surfaces (trees, powerlines, steps, etc.).  Over the course of this winter event the equivalent of 2-3” of rainfall is expected in both frozen and liquid forms and this could lead to flooding in other areas south of Lancaster County.

The danger of power outages with extended times to restoration is present due to a much more severe weather impact forecast for NC and Duke Energy marshaling resources there for expected widespread outages.  Trees falling due to heavy ice loads is a real danger as well and could cause power outages as well as roadway blockages and could also impact homes.  Roadways should have enough latent heat to prevent icing over the weekend but the possibility of ice patches on less traveled roads exists.

There is no anticipation of opening shelters at this time. 

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