8 Inches Of Snow At State Line Possible

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In the Panhandle the greatest probability of snow accumulation exists with a maximum possible right on the state line of 8”.  Snow accumulations will continue down to the City of Lancaster but in lesser amounts in the 2-3” range with some possible sleet and freezing rain mixture.  This accumulation may extend across the eastern part of the county through the Buford and Tradesville areas into Chesterfield County and the Pageland area with higher accumulation amounts between the 3” and 8” amounts. 

The southern portions of the county can expect more freezing rain with accumulation of between 0.10” and 0.25” of ice on trees and powerlines.  Roadways are not forecast to have accumulations due to latent ground heat.  The storm is forecast to enter this area late Saturday night into Sunday throughout the day and possibly extending into Monday.  The initial wave will be the strongest with the following wave much weaker. 

Please bear in mind, this information is based on current modeling from today.  The storm is still on the west coast and variations may occur as it progresses across the continental US into our area.  A more southern track can lead to more snow in this area and a more northern track could lead to more freezing rain in our area.  The NWS is confident Lancaster County will experience some form of frozen precipitation.  Feel free to forward this to whomever you believe may have interest. 

Darren Player, Director

Lancaster County Fire Rescue / Emergency Management

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