The Vols Take Another Two Wins In Rematch

By David Kellin,

In rematch of the Vols and Warriors, The Lady Vols scored a 4 point victory 45-41. The Vols fought hard to a 10 point win 77-67.

The Lady Vols are showing improvement in their teamwork. The team utilized each player’s skills as they faced a strong opponent in the Lady Warriors. Defense was a key to the fast moving Indian Land team. The Lady Vols worked to slow down the pace of the game and make good shots.

The Lady Warriors took the first quarter with a 7-4 score. They maintained the lead at the half 20-18. The Lady Vols surged back after the half to lead at the end of three quarters 28-25. The Lady Vols won the game with a score of 45-41

Alexis Roberson and MacKenzie Marshall shared the top scorer spot with 11 points each. Caroline Wrenn added 7 points. Annsley Vick and Osha Black each scored 6 points. Oksana Lathan scored 4 points

For the Lady Warriors, Kristen Folk was top scorer with 14 point on 6 goals, and 2 of 6 free throws made. Chelsi Markley scored 9. Daniella Wilson added 8 points. Jasmine Randolph scored 7 points. Crystal Stother added 2, and Allie Floyd added 1 point.

Andrew Jackson Lady Volunteers Head Coach Olivia Gaines said “We started off with no energy. We have to be consistent no matter who we play, we were not a disciplined basketball team last night.” She does feel the team is improving. “Transition defense is getting better but not where it needs to be. Another area I see improvement in is post play. My post are working on being more physical and actually finishing the play and I am happy about that.”

The Vols rematch with the Warriors saw a change in game strategy. During the first half, the Volunteers moved the ball in close and focused on short shots. This was effective against the Warriors. In the second half, more outside shooting accomplished the scores. The Vols interrupted the shooting of the Warriors and kept them from responding to Vols’ scores.

The Vols Took the first quarter scoring 17-13. The Warriors came back to lead at the half 37-33. The teams tied at the end of three 54 to 54. A fourth quarter sure led to a Volunteer victory 77-67

Joey Walters was top scorer with 21 points on 3 goals, 4 treys, and 3 of 4 free throws made. OJ White and Jalen Robinson each scored 15 points. Jamie Hinson added 11. Tyrone Gilford scored 10 points. Josh Adams added 4 points, and DJ Ealey scored 1 point.

Destin Clark for the Warriors was lead scorer with 18 on 7 goals, one trey and 1 of 2 free throws.John Foso scored 14 points. Jared Diemar, and Tre Hill each added 6 points. Tre Thompson, Gabe Shook, Jersey Graves, and Chase Dougerty each had 4 points. Grayson Barber added 3 points. Cooper Beisner and Marcus Kirkland each had 2 points.

Andrew Jackson head Coach Danny Wright credited a strong defense in the win. “We played great defense. We slowed them down and slowed down #5. We came out and played some good sets.”

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