Last Second Denial of LHS Score Sends Vols To Overtime

By David Kellin,

The Andrew Jackson Varsity basketball teams won games over the Lancaster High Bruins on Friday night at AJHS. The Lady Vols won with a score of 56 to 50. The Vols won with an overtime victory with a score of 73 to 70.

The boy’s match was difficult from the opening tip-off. The Lancaster Bruins were successful in using passing to control the game.  The Vols struggled to find an effective response. The Vols kept the game close. The game was tied 62-62 in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. The Bruins moved the ball to the basket and shot what looked like a scoring basket. The referee denied the basket, and the game went to overtime. In the 4-minute overtime, the Vols outscored the Bruins 11 points to 8 points. Vols won 73-70.

Joey Walters was the top scorer for the game with 17 points from 4 goals, 1 trey, and making 3 of 6 free throws. Jalen Robinson and Jamie Hinson each scored 16 points. OJ White scored 9 points. Shieme Ricks and Josh Adams each added 4 points. Tyrone Gilford had 3 points. Daymond Cunningham had 2points, and Jaw Quinn Black added 1.

O. Tinsley of the Bruins scored 24 points with 5 goals, 2 treys, and 7 of 10 made free throws. J. Pittman scored 12 points. C. Stevenson had 11 points. K. Cloud and L. McCree each had 6 points. Z. Truesdale and CJ Ealy added 4 points each. C. Woodward added 2 points. S. Truesdale had 1 point.

The Bruins took the first quarter with 19 points to AJ’s 12. At the half bruins led by 3 points 34-31. In the third quarter, Bruins scored 51 points to AJ’s 42. The fourth quarter ended with the teams tied 62-62. AJ took the game in overtime by three points 73-70

The Lady Vols took the lead early with a first-quarter score of 12-10. The LadyVols advanced the lead by the half to 30-21. The third quarter went to the LadyVols 42-30. The final of the game was LadyVols 56 Lady Bruins 50.

Caroline Wrenn was the top scorer for the Lady Vols with 15 points. She had 4 goals, 1 trey and shot 4 of 4 free throws. Ieasha Williams had13 points with 5 goals and 3 of 9 made free throws. Mackenzie Marshall had 10points. Oksana Lathan had 6 points. Annsley Vick, Alexis Roverson, and OshaBlack each had 4 points.

Tikyevah Mackey and Aizya Stradford for the Lady Bruins each scored 16 points. Ny’Keriasia Coleman added 9 points. Kiara Roberts scored 7points. Kendall Caskey scored 2 points.

The Lancaster Bruins travels to Nations Ford for their next game on Tuesday the 4th. The Volunteers travel to Indian Land for their next game on Tuesday the 4th. Both of the Volunteer teams won a recent match over the Indian Land Warriors.

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