Colorful Dogs To Be Installed Across Lancaster County.

By David Kellin,

Ten colorful dogs have been painted by local artists and will soon be installed in locations across Lancaster County. This “pack” of dogs is just the first. Artists are lining up to paint in the next Pack.

The painted dogs follow similar efforts in cities across the nation. New Bern North Carolina has wooden carved bears across town. Some cities have other animals, and of course Chicago has the “Bean”. The art works help create a destination for day trips.

These are the ten dogs of the first pack.

Sydney Hinson and Huey
Abigail Hunter and Orion
Kristina Humphries and Jacket
Petra Pechova and Patches

Dee Studebaker and Judge
Katelyn Shull and Alpha
Tish Bialecki and Caroline Rose
Fran Gardner with her dog

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