Oh, For The Days Of The Frozen Baseball Field

Editorial by David Kellin, editor@pantagraph.online

Winter is coming to the south. People are bundling up and commenting on how cold 60 degrees is. It is almost tradition to make these comments about the weather. I understand, but don’t really agree.

As many of you know, I am not born and raised here in the south. I am one of them yankees that came and stayed. I stayed for the work I do and because I feel this is my “mission” field. My heart though lies in the frozen baseball fields of Wisconsin. 

When I was in middle school. The first snow always fell on Football Homecoming Night. Maybe just a few flakes or a blizzard, but it snowed. The football field and the baseball field were beside each other across the road from the school. Dug deep into the ravine, it was like you fell in a huge hole getting to them. 

About the time that the weather turned to freezing for a several week period, the local fire department would roll down to the fields and flood the baseball field with their hoses. They sprayed it high and fine to make fine crystals and a good base, and then slowly added more and more water as the huge disk of ice formed. 

The field became our Ice Skating rink for the winter. All of us had ice skates. I had a pair of red wing flyers hockey skates, jet black with a wickedly thick blade and no teeth. I could glide and race on that ice. Occasionally I might try and go backwards, but alas that is where the skills stopped and my butt found frozen water. 

The cocoa and warming shack was pulled out and a parent or two manned the place in the evenings. As winter progressed huge piles of snow formed around the edges. Crashing into them was fun but an adventure as well as snow can freeze quite solid. 

I don’t ever remember it being too cold to go skating. I spent most of the winter outdoors anyway. The temperatures in Wisconsin are a bit lower than here. We did not complain as kids about the cold, but more often than not that we had to come back inside. I wish it would be cold enough here to do this, but I know this is the wrong area. I don’t even have my skates any more. Oh well, how is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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