Reinventing the Kershaw Christmas Parade

By David Kellin,

The annual Kershaw Christmas Parade was held on Sunday the 25th. Efforts have been made to improve the parade, and those efforts were evident. The parade included a tree lighting, and performances by local youth. Over all the parade theme was “What Christmas Means to Me?” There was a homemade float contest, and a ‘Snow” field. The Heart and Soul committee sought out input from the people as they awaited the start of the parade.

Over the past years, the floats were preassembled and rented from a Float company. Many came down the street with one or two people on the float. This year, the floats were filled with many riders. Homemade floats were an exception in prior parades.  In years past, the event was over when Santa came down the street. Not this year, it was just the first act.

The theme brought out the consistent thought that Christmas means the birth of The Christ. The winning float was Oakridge Baptist Church and their Manger themed effort. There was a float from Flint Ridge Baptist Church that featured a Overall to Cross theme. Team Church had a few fishers of men. Kershaw EPC entered this year as well.

For the youth, the “Snow” field was a hit. Many stood in the “blizzard and got covered with the soap bubbles. Many parents filled the Council Chambers to have their children or grandchildren photographed with Santa.

To wrap up the afternoon the Town Council flipped the switch to light the Christmas tree.  The efforts to begin the reinvention of the parade were clear and evident.  The Heart and Soul committee deserve a hearty round of applause. For them to continue their work, they need the thoughts and ideas for the town’s residents. They are collecting the ideas and opinions of all people. The effort is to get all voices heard.  

We as a town need to communicate what we want and help to make it happen. If we defer to a committee, we give up our ability to help improve. Take a few minutes and share your thoughts with the Heart and Soul committee .

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