“America, Why We Love Her” Performed at Bundy Auditorium

The Lancaster County Emergency Services and University of South Carolina-Lancaster presented “America, Why We Love Her” on Friday night at the USCL Bundy Auditorium to raise money for Disabled American Vets and the Marine Corps League.

In a series of musical skits, the ‘Always Ready’ Emergency Troupe entertained a packed house for the two hour show. Many of the acts lip synced to songs as they acted out the singers movements.

The finale was a full stage presentation of Hee Haw that was right on the mark. The troupe performed this live and told the jokes with expert timing. The Archie Campbell telling of Reindercella was a crowd favorite.

The Troupe was composed of members of Lancaster EMS, Lancaster Fire Department, Lancaster Coroner’s Office, Lancaster County 911, and Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Categories: Entertainment, Lancaster

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