Mr. Knight Received The Flag At AJHS Veterans Program on Friday

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AJHS Vets Day 18-9228

Mr. Knight was honored at the Andrew Jackson High School Veterans Program as the recipient of the flag used during the programs Flag Folding demonstration. His family made the recommendation. He extolled the young people “You are known by who you hang around with, don’t hang around with losers.”

The annual event presents a program of dance, music and drama to honor area veterans. All branches of services were present. Taps was played during a demonstration of the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

The drama department performed several short dramas:¬† “What is a hero?” and “A Letter to a Soldier”.

The Dance Focus performed for the veterans. They introduced the use of ribbons this year as part of the performance.

The Chorus performed several pieces including leading the audience is singing God Bless America. The band performed the introductory pieces as the veterans were lead in and a piece that included parts of each branches’ songs.

As part of the performance, students created artwork and awards for each class, honorable mentions and best in competition were given.

Jalen Berry was named as having the best artwork in the competition.

The veterans had the chance to speak to the students present, and many shared the need for the young people to learn more and understand the sacrifices given by those who died during their service.

For the attending Veterans, the heartfelt honor and thanks were deeply appreciated. One Vietnam veteran when speaking during Roll Call spoke about how wonderful it was to feel recognized. He experienced the rejection when he returned from Vietnam.

The benefit of this program was clearly positive for both the Veterans and the Students. Thank you to my Brothers in Arms, Thank you! To the staff, and students of Andrew Jackson High School, Thank you.


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