What Does Veterans Day Mean To Me

By  Gabrielle Stewart for Pantagraph.online

Hi, I am Gabrielle Stewart. You probably don’t know me, but that’s okay, because this isn’t about me. This is about you, and how you have impacted all our lives.

I am, however, here to share why this national holiday means so much to me. My dad grew up on military bases all over America as a child; and he was going to go in the military as an Air Force pilot until his foot got crushed in high school. Yesterday, my dad told me all my grandfather’s stories about being in Vietnam all over again. Despite hearing them so many times, I still felt the same awe and respect for our veterans, as I did the first time I heard them. My father’s mother was also a field nurse. She worked hard taking care of soldiers day after day. She was a very caring soul and was devoted to her work.

My mom’s father, however, was a different story. He never told anyone – Not even his wife- anything about what he went through in the military. He was a sniper in Vietnam and the few things I managed to get out of him were very sad. Not everyone is able to talk about the things they went through, but I want you to know that everything you did was worth it. Everyone with a heart should be thankful for you, and the majority of America is. You have done so much for your country, and all you went through is worth it. I promise WITHOUT YOU, our country would be just as bad as the ones you battled.

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