Rogers and Hamerstein’s Cinderella

Andrew Jackson High School presented Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Friday, November 2nd and Saturday, November the 3rd. The play was directed by Katrina Bernsdorff and Lizzi Elliott was Musical Director.

The play was the only Rogers and Hammerstein’s play that was written for television. Originally broadcast in 1957, the AJMS brought the play, adapted to the stage. to the school in a great homage to the original.  The songs invoked memories of days of youth and hopeful memories.

Jurnee Ingram brings life to the title role of Cinderella, and Rhett Wilson answers with the Topher. The actors and set design combined to help transport the audience into the story. Even knowing the story, one gets anticipation of the possible outcomes. It was a thoroughly delightful evening and a marvelous performance.

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