Before You Vote Event at Bundy Auditorium.

Before You Vote. It is an event that allows citizens the change to come listen to the candidates for an upcoming election, in hopes to give them some additional information. Lancaster county held theirs last night, Tuesday the 23rd of October at the UCSL Bundy Auditorium.

An everyday voter saw 4 hours of forum discussions. There were just names of the candidates and the race they were in. No party affiliations visible. About half way through the event took a break for food and hand shaking.

Unlike the national stage and newsroom hanging on a word here or there. The forum was mater of fact, civil for most of the time. Really a dim reflection of what you see on the TV or Twitter. What seemed even more remarkable is the similarity between the positions spoken about. If you did not know who was who, you could easily think everyone was in the same party. That changes at the state and national levels, but on local issues, pretty much all were in agreement.

Growth in the county, bond issues, how to handle the financial crises, and how to build up downtown were common themes. I also heard their frustrations of how the expectations of you have to fix this as our government officials impact them. Uniformly, it was brought back to the citizen. How do WE together fix things?

Seeing the difference in how local officials work together and form the coalitions necessary to get things done, it becomes sad to see on our stage that the division raise it’s specter in the state race. It was a cutting blow to hear “You don’t care” from one of the candidate for a state office.

Pantagraph tries to stay apolitical. We are aware to every coin there are at least two sides, three if you count the edge. In the vein of trying to provide information for you to decide, below you will find the links to the Before You Vote sessions for you to view in your own time. Please take time to vote. Information online for Lancaster County can be found here

Before You Vote First Session
Before You Vote Second Session

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