A couple of small requests

First of all, Thank You for reading the articles on Pantagraph.online . It means that we are reaching out and providing a desired sorce of news for you.

In an effort to make sure you get the latest articles from Pantagraph.online, I am asking if you will hit the follow button this will insure that you receive notification of publications. For us, it will give an indication of readership.  We will receive a notification of your follow status. We know from the stats function of our site that most articles have about 30 readers, and yet our count of followers is at about 7.

Each article has a comment function, and we welcome comments. Feel free to add yours. We do not allow inflamatory or hateful comments and will promptly delete spam.

If you have story ideas, you and send them to editor@pantagraph.online or dk.frc01@gmail.com. If you have suggestion to improve or areas where you would like to see coverage, please let us know.

Please know that tyhestyle of writing is evolving towards more of a narrative style. I want to get to the story behind the story. It is felt this will make this a valuable resource and something you will enjoy reading.

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