Friends Gather For A Bodybuilding Competition

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They walk out and flex and pop their muscles for the judges. The fourth annual NGA Red Rose City Classic Natural Bodybuilding Physique Championship is under way in the Bundy Auditorium of the USCL campus. Many of the eighteen competitors have never walked before the judges in competition. 

Competitions like the Red Rose are natural as part of the guiding philosophy of the National Gymnasium Association. That means it is a drug free competition. The entrants will have to submit to a drug test as part of the event.

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There are many stereotypes as to what bodybuilding is. The images of years past of super sized men with muscles on muscles is not what this is. There are two general classes, Physique and Bodybuilding. Physique would be that healthy fit and toned person at the beach. Muscle definition and yet not overly pumped. Body building is more for the athlete who is working towards some of those classic bodybuilding poses. Lots of muscle.  The Physique category outweighed the bodybuilding class this year. For women,  it is bikini and figure. Figure is more defines and muscular.

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Athletes enter for a variety of reasons. 36 year old Amy Bourguignon from Spartanburg has been married for 10 years and decided to put her career on hold to care for her children. “I compete to show my kids how important it is to set goals in life, no matter the reason. o show them that it ‘s okay to make yourself a priority.”  Amy took took first in Novice Bikini, Masters Bikini 35 +, Open Bikini Tall, and First Place in Overall.

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Each person in the competition has a reason. One was to improve her health to fight off the possibility of going blind, another was to keep healthy after losing weight. For 59 year old Amber Ashley it was to try something new in life.

You get the sense that everyone is family. There are many conversations that to overhear, you know the people have a care for each other. Our world has numerous friendly competitions to chose from, BBQ, Cars, Pageants, and so many others. Bodybuilding to me fits right in there with them. Come spend some time with them and the older stereotypes fade away.

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Here are some results from the NGA Red Rose City Classic Natural Bodybuilding Physique Championship


Women’s Categories:

Courtney Ferrell took first place in Debut Bikini. And Open Bikini Short

Amber Ashley took first place in Debut Women’s Physique, Novice Physique, And Women’s Master Physique

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Amy Bourguignon took first in Novice Bikini, Masters Bikini 35 +, Open Bikini Tall, and First Place in Overall

Ashley White got first place in Novice Figure, Masters Figure 35-44, and Open Figure Short

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Lisa Williams got first place in Master’s Figure 45+, and Open Women’s Physique


Men’s Categories:

Saleh Buthari 1st in Debut Men’s Physique


Brenden Little 1st Teen Physique


Keith Sharpe 1st Master Men’s Bodybuilding 45+, Open Bodybuilding Middle


Leon Gamble  1st in Open Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding

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Tony Howard  1st in Open Bodybuilding Heavyweight and Overall.


Jonathan Logan 1st place Men’s Physique Middle, and Overall


Anthony Carantit  1st place Men’s Physique Heavy


Keith Sharpe 1st Place Men’s Classic Physique and ProCard


Todd Spaulding 2nd Place Men’s Classic Physique and Procard


You are never too old, or too out of shape to begin, small step and one day, maybe one day you too will join the Red Rose City Classic

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