Evening Update, Know What Our Process Is For This Hurricane

“1. We are closely monitoring the forecast and local weather models. We have spoken with local emergency preparedness officials today and have been exchanging data all day.

2. Our biggest concerns with the forecast at this point is the calling for sustained winds over 30 mph and gusts possible to 50 mph. If these models do not change and the forecast holds true, we cannot, and I repeat cannot by state guideline operate school buses. This is because the wind impact on buses is extreme and can literally push a high profile vehicle off the road.

3. Five inches of rain as predicted might lead to flash flooding and ponding on roadways, another major transportation hazard.

4. We may run the risk of downed tree limbs, power lines etc that could pose dangers to drivers and students going to buses.

5. There is always the concern that students might be stranded at schools or on roadways which would be very undesirable and dangerous.

We will continue to evaluate and gather information about what this storm’s impact will be. It’s absolutely important that parents know what we consider in these storms. We are charged with the safety of over 13,000 students and staff. We are dedicated to everyone’s safety and the better informed you are, the better off we all are.

If you have a chance, please share these discussion points so everyone is better informed.

Stay Safe,

Bryan Vaughn”

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