Regional Swim Results

Regional Swim Results


Event 1 Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay

1st :Team of Makenzy Mills, Isabella Ihm, Tamra Tipton and Taylor Teague with time of 2:01.70

7rd: Team of Daniela Velez, Diana Kiger, Adrianna Powers and Jadah Twitty with time 2:43.25


Event 2 Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay

1st: Team of Samuel Page, Tyler Tipton, Nathan Reid, and Jacques Caravaca with time of 1:52.65

5th : Diego Caravaca, Justin Wilson, Andrew Bell, and Louie Prete with time of 2:19.35


Event 3 Girls 200 Yard Freestyle

1st Isabella Ihm 2:12.94

4th   Amanda Clem 2:35.18


Event 4 Boys 200 Yard Freestyle

2nd  Samuel Page 1:57.51

6th  Louie Prete 2:22.17


Event 5 Girls 200 Yard IM

1st Makenzy Mills 2:14.24

3rd Reece Walker 2:50.23


Event 6 Boys 200 Yard IM

2nd Jacques Caravaca 2:09.77

6th Kaylin Shannon 2:53.27


Event 7 Girls 50 Yard Freestyle

1st Tamra Tipton 26.69

6th Rose Ellis 31.96

8th Torie Johnson x32.37

15th Adrianna Powers x34.58

17th Daniela Velez x36.78

24th Jadah Twitty x39.36


Event 8 Boys 50 Yard Freestyle

3rd Tyler Tipton 25.94

5th Jonathan Wade 27.54

7th Matt Prete 28.04

11th Diego Caravaca x29.50

13th Andrew Bell x29.87

Event 9 Girls 100 Yard Butterfly

1st Taylor Teague 1:01.61


Event 10 Boys 100 Yard Butterfly

1st Jacques Caravaca 58.51

3rd Nathan Reid 1:03.15


Event 11 Girls 100 Yard Freestyle

3rd Reece Walker 1:05.68

5th Cassidy Tillman 1:08.16

8th Amanda Clem 1:12.11

9th Hannah Powell x1:14.40

10th Georgia Moore x1:14.76

13th  Diana Kiger x1:19.32

24th Jadah Twitty x1:29.37


Event 12 Boys 100 Yard Freestyle

3rd Jonathan Wade 1:02.11

9th Andrew Bell 1:09.31


Event 13 Girls 500 Yard Freestyle

1st Tamra Tipton 5:36.16


Event 14 Boys 500 Yard Freestyle

5th Matt Prete 6:31.58

7th Justin Wilson 9:14.73


Event 15 Girls 200 Yard

1st: Team of Taylor Teague, Reese Walker, Isabella Ihm, Makenzy Mills 1:50.62

5th Team of Georgia Moore, Torie Johnson, Rose Ellis, Amanda Clem 2:15.23


Event 16 Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Nathan Reid, Tyler Tipton, Jacques Caravaca, Samuel Page 1:38.50

4th Matt Prete, Kaylin Shannon, Jonathan Wade, Louie Prete 1:53.87


Event 17 Girls 100 Yard Backstroke

1st Makenzy Mills 59.11

2nd Isabella Ihm 1:10.96

4th Hannah Powell 1:25.16

6th Torie Johnson x1:28.30

7th Adrianna Powers x1:30.36

10th Daniela Velez x1:44.25


Event 18 Boys 100 Yard Backstroke

1st Samuel Page 54.26

2nd Nathan Reid 1:08.59

4th Diego Caravaca 1:15.20


Event 19 Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke

1st Taylor Teague 1:11.64

3rd Cassidy Tillman 1;28.26

6th Georgia Moore 1:30.95

8th Diana Kiger x1:35.05


Event 20 Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke

3rd Tyler Tipton 1:13.00

5th Louie Prete 1:25.73


Event 21 Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

1st: Team of Reese Walker, Cassidy Tillman, Amanda Clem, Tamra Tipton 4:30.61

2nd: Team of Adrianna Powers, Tori Johnson, Hannah Powell, Georgia Moore 4:59.11

7th  Team of Jadah Twitty, Rose Ellis, Daniela Velez,  Diana Kiger x 5:42.09


Event 22 Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

3rd Matt Prete, Kaylin Shannon, Andrew Bell, Jonathan Wade 4:32.92


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