Lancaster Bruins Swim Team Sweeps Multi-school Meet

The Lancaster Bruins Swim Team competed against Hartsville High School, The governor School, and Ridgeview in a combined meet.  The Bruins swept the meet in all categories. In the combine scores, Lancaster scored 168 against Hartsville’s 9, 166 against Governor school’s 10, and 144 to Ridgeview’s 40.

In the men’s divisions, Lancaster had 82 to Hartsville 3., 68 to Ridgeview’s 23 and 80 to the Governor School’s 4.

In the Girls Division, Lancaster scored 76 to Ridgeview’s 17, 86 to Hartsville’s 6, and 86 to Governor school’s 6.

LHS vs Richland9-20-2018 6-45 PM1330

In individual events

Event 1 Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay
1st :Team of Mallory McDow, Taylor Teague, Tamra Tipton and Reese Walker with time of 2:08.71
3rd: Team of Isabella Ihm, Amanda Clem, Georgia Moore, Cassidy Tillman time 2:22.58

Event 2 Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay
1st: Team of Samuel Page, Tyler Tipton, Nathan Reid, and Jacques Caravaca with time of 1:52.39
3rd : Matt Prete, Andrew Bell, Kaylin Shannon, and Louie Prete with time of 2:15.84

Event 3 Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
1st Charlee Henry 2:26.41
2nd Mallory McDow 2:32.07
3rd Rose Ellis 2:45.27

Event 4 Boys 200 Yard Freestyle

1st Samuel Page 2:03.56
2nd Matt Prete 2:25.75

Event 5 Girls 200 Yard IM
1st Taylor Teague 2:25.03
2nd Isabella Ihm 2:39.87
3rd Reece Walker 2:50.09
4th Diana Kiger x3:33.22

Event 6 Boys 200 Yard IM
1st Jacques Caravaca 2:14.00
2nd Nathan Reid 2:36.14

Event 7 Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
1st Tamra Tipton 26.88
2nd Charlee Henry 29.89
4th Hannah Powell 32.00
7th Rose Ellis x33.06
10th Torie Johnson x 34.18
11th Adrianna Powers x34.27
15th Jadah Twitty x37.08
17th Danila Velez x38.06

Event 8 Boys 50 Yard Freestyle
3rd Louie Prete 27.32
4th Andrew Bell 30.06
5th Diego Caravaca 30.39
6th Kaylin Shannon x31.03
11th Justin Wilson x35.03

Event 9 Girls 100 Yard Butterfly
1st Makenzy Mills 1:03.70
3rd Amanda Clem 1:30.32
4th Cassidy Tillman 1:33.58

LHS vs Richland9-20-2018 7-00 PM1612

Event 10 Boys 100 Yard Butterfly
2nd Jacques Caravaca 1:00.20
3rd Nathan Reid 1:03.20
4th Tyler Tipton 1:12.81

LHS vs Richland9-20-2018 7-01 PM1703

Event 11 Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
1st Reece Walker 1:07.58
3rd Adrianna Powers 1:16.59
4th Georgia Moore 1:19.59
6th Jadah Twitty x1:29.13

Event 12 Boys 100 Yard Freestyle
1st Jonathan Wade 1:01.82
2nd Diego Caravaca 1:07.81
4th Kaylin Shannon 1:08.84

Event 13 Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
1st Tamra Tipton 5:36.38
2nd Isabella Ihm 6:15.82

Event 14 Boys 500 Yard Freestyle
1st Louie Prete 7:04.14
3rd Justin Wilson 9:09.70

Event 15 Girls 200 Yard
1st: Team of Tamra Tipton, Reece Walker, Charlee Henry, Makenzy Mills 1:54.28
3rd: Team of Adrianna Powers, Amanda Clem, Hannah Powell, and Rose Ellis 2:14.16
5th : Team of Torie Johnson, Jadah Twitty, Daniela Velez, Diana Kiger x2:31.32

Event 16 Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
1st: Team of Jacques Caravaca, Louie Prete, Matt Prete, Samuel Page 1:45.18
3rd: Team of Andrew Bell, Kaylin Shannon, Diego Caravaca, Jonathan Wade 2:03.84

Event 17 Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
1st Makenzy Mills 1:04.59
3rd: Mallory McDow 1:15.27
4th Torie Johnson 1:30.00
5th Georgia Moore x1:32.44

Event 18 Boys 100 Yard Backstroke
1st Samuel Page 56.38
3rd Andrew Bell 1:27.32

Event 19 Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke
1st Taylor Teague 1:14.78
5th Cassidy Tillman 1:29.75
7th Amanda Clem 1:31.14
9th Diana Kiger x1:41.88
10th Hannah Powell x1:52.14
11th Daniela Velez x 2:05.53

Event 20 Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke
1st Tyler Tipton 1:13.66
2nd Matt Prete 1:27.84
4th Jonathan Wade 1:35.83

Event 21 Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1st: Team of Taylor Teague, Charlee Henry, Mallory McDow, and Makenzy Mills 4:07.20
2nd: Team of Hannah Powell, Adrianna Powers, Torie Johnson, Cassidy Tillman 5:18.01
3rd: Team of Jadah Twitty, Georgia More, Daniela Velez,  Diana Kiger x 5:48.19

Event 22 Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1st Team of Nathan Reid, Diego Caravaca, Jonathan Wade, Tyler Tipton 4:30.61

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