LCEMD update 2pm “We will prevail”

Darrin Player said we have had 5-9 inches of rain, expecting 2+ inches more. Panhandle likely to have more rainfall than rest of the county. No injuries reported some 58 trees have been down on the highways. Many people have been helpful in removing trees. Chesterfield and Lancaster counties are under Flood Emergency. Very few houses in Lancaster County are built in flood zone. Stay in if you can. 6 inches can wash away a car. Currently, 3184 customers who are Duke customers are without power, and expect to be back on by around 4:30 pm.  Three medical buildings at springs are without power due to down power lines. 5 patients are still in special medical needs care

Steve Harper said “It will take weeks to recover from Florence, but we will prevail.” He thanks many of first responders.

Austin Devinney said the City of Lancaster will be open tomorrow. We are moving a lot of water through our system. This rain event did not turn out as bad as we feared.

Doug Barfield said, “Stay home if you can”.  be careful about people who might be trying to offer services for repairs, Be careful about requests for money and scams. Donations to local fire departments, the chief can help coordinate those.

Scott Grant said, “We were blessed with our regular police activity, and could focus on the storm.”  “We do not have any streets blocked by trees.”  “Clinton street is blocked off, Plantation road near Meeting Street may be blocked off soon.

Clay Catoe form Emergency Services said we have received 125 calls for services. We are fully staffed. Check on neighbors.

Justin McClellan of the Fire Department said “If there is a Barricade in the road, do not go around them.  Make sure generators outside the house.”

Jonathan Phipps of Lancaster County Schools said. “We had checked every school, we found 80 percent of our schools had leaks.”

AR Rucker has cafeteria leaks,
AJ high, AJ middle have no power. Expected to be on by end of day
Buford Elementary has a leak
Brooklyn Springs Elementary has leaks
Buford High leaks are bad in the gym and Cafeteria corridor.
Buford Middle leaks in the Main office
Discovery School had a large tree fall in the playground.
Harrisburg has a leak in cafeteria and power is out
HSE runoff groundwater entering building but no leaks
ILES has runoff ground water coming in gym and cafeteria
LHS had multiple leaks throughout the building and baseball fence is down in the outfield
North Elementary Leak in office
IHS and IMS have moderate leaks. In checking roads for bus route, we felt we needed one more day.

Trees are down all over the school properties that need to be removed

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