Latest Tropical Storm Update from LCEMD

Florence has been downgraded to a simple storm now. It is still dangerous with copious amounts of rain and feeder bands continuing to bring in moisture from the Atlantic Ocean. Rainfall forecasts remain about the same as this morning’s update over the next several days. We will continue to feel increasing intensity effects of the storm through tonight and into the day tomorrow and even into Monday as it begins its trek northward finally. It moved just 25 miles during the 8.5 hours today between this morning’s 9AM conference call and this afternoon’s 5:30PM call. It is still moving at 2-3MPH. The evacuation shelter at Buford High School is scheduled to close tomorrow at 1PM. This is tied to the cancellation of the final two evacuation orders by the Governor for Georgetown and Horry Counties, set to cancel Sunday morning at 9AM. At that time all lane reversals will cease and when safe, residents of the coast will be able to return to their homes. We continue to operate under the storm response protocols through the remainder of the event. Flash Flood watches continue for our county.

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