Lancaster Co EMD 5 am Update

The track of the storm has changed somewhat over the course of the evening.  It is moving a bit further southwest than forecast last evening.  It is only moving at approximately 3MPH. The slow forward track is part of what is causing uncertainty in the forecast track.  Two graphics are attached, the PDF is from the National Weather Service as a 5:30AM briefing.  The other is from the 5AM update of HURREVAC showing the revised storm track and times.  It still appears this afternoon will be when Lancaster County will experience the greatest storm impacts with those going into the evening and overnight into Sunday.


Overnight the main effects included light rain and downed trees.  US Hwy 521 was blocked completely for much of the night and is only open now to emergency vehicle traffic.  The volunteer fire departments in that area were able to get enough of the tree out of the road safely to allow emergency vehicles to pass.  The tree is entangled with powerlines making it unsafe to move with heavy equipment or for personnel to attempt to cut it apart.  Lynches River Electric Coop has been notified and will assist as soon as they are able.  There are currently  no reports of any structural damage from falling trees.  As we move into the day, rainfall may intensify and as you can see from the graphic from the NWS, Lancaster County is still forecast to receive record rainfall over the next several days.  The strongest wind gust from this storm at the EOC was experienced last evening at approximately 10PM and was clocked at 36MPH.  Winds are currently ranging 6-12MPH with rain falling.  The Buford area is currently experiencing winds averaging 7-10MPH with gusts to 15MPH.  The one evacuation shelter we have open at Buford High School remains at 5 shelter occupants.

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