11am update from LCEMD

Florence continues to slowly progress at approximately 3MPH.  The main issue we may experience is the public being lulled into a false sense of security due to the slow movement and seeming lack of severe weather conditions currently.  This storm will come creeping into our area in earnest later today/tonight and into Sunday.  Areas it is currently over are experiencing everything from flooding to spontaneous tornado formations.  The coastal areas are still experiencing the storm right now so it has left them yet.  I was able to get information from the Murrells Inlet/Garden City FD and flooding from surge has been limited to the Waccamaw Ave area near the Pier where flooding can occur on a king high tide.  They haven’t assessed the area for wind damage yet.

Lancaster County is still forecast to have a 30-40% probability of experiencing tropical force winds (>39MPH).  We have only had a couple gusts exceed 30MPH thus far.  Winds are currently holding steady 6 – 12 MHP.  3-4” of rain is forecast for today with the storm still affecting the coast as this email is prepared.  Mecklenburg and Union Counties in NC are both forecast to receive that same amount of rain with much of their runoff coming through Lancaster County in the Catawba Valley and the Lynches River drainage areas.  Flooding is forecast as “Likely” for Lancaster County.

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