Update from Lancaster Co EMD

Florence is moving at approximately 3MPH at the time of this email.  It is projected to be over Sumter County around 2PM on Saturday and exiting Fairfield County by 2AM Sunday morning.  So, as you can see, it will continue to move very slowly.  Rainfall amounts range from 8” to 14” and continue to vary with each new update.  This is shaping up to be an historic rainfall event for Lancaster County.

Lancaster County EOC is at OPCON 3 with some 24 hour staffing.  An Evacuation Shelter is open at Buford High School with 5 occupants as of 5:30PM tonight.  Red Cross, DSS and Lancaster County School District cafeteria staff are also present there.

Public Safety Communications has added staffing of TCOs for the storm duration.  EMS has added ambulance crews and QRV crews.  The Sheriff’s Department has increased patrol officers per shift as well.  Once sustained wind speeds reach 35MPH, Emergency Service agencies will modify response protocols for safety.

Darren Player, Director

Lancaster County Fire Rescue / Emergency Management

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