Briefing of Lancaster Emergency Management Division

The Emergency Management division of Lancaster County held a Hurricane Florence Briefing today at 4:30pm.

Key Points:

1. Be as safe as possible and stay put, do not travel around.

2. We are expecting historical rains with the possibility of 9-13 inches. We have typically had heavy rains that would have breaks for an hour or so, and the creeks would drain. This is going to be sustained rain. The power companies and dam owners have been lowering lake levels to accommodate the runoff from the rains.

3. We are expecting sustained winds from 20-30 mph. Some estimates are up to 40 mph. With regard to emergency responses:
At 35 mph winds, the response will be not emergency traffic (no light or sirens) to allow drivers to safely drive at slower speeds to avoid hazards.
At 45 mph winds, the call may not be responded to. That will be at the discretion of the chief.
At 60 MPH, no response until winds have slowed down (Per order of the fire commission chair)

4. From a high of about 1700 without power, currently, about 70 people are without power. Numbers to call about power problems Duke 1-800-POWERON, Lynches River 1-866-675-LREC, York Electric 1-866-374-1234

5. 911 IS FOR LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCIES ONLY.  Do not call 911 for down trees. That number is 1-803-283-4136

6. Emergency crews will be clearing roads for emergency vehicles, but not yards or off houses. If there is an entrapment in a car or home, crews will respond to protect that life.

7. The shelter has been opened. Locally, Buford High is open as a shelter for coastal evacuees and those who do not feel safe in their home.

8. Springs Hospital has been gearing up all week to respond and has two generators with a third due tonight. They are serving as a shelter for medical special needs patients (such as someone who requires constant power for medical devices). Currently, they are housing seven such patients.

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