The Day The Towers Fell-9/11


I was walking in the office wing of the psychiatric unit of Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill SC, when my eye caught one of the breaking news broadcasts from New York. As I became glued to the coverage along with my co-workers, the second plane hit the tower live in front of me.

I honestly can say my first reaction was disbelief. It did not make sense to me. As a Air Force aircraft maintenance specialist, I had heard of a guidance system going bad. But never two at the same time or is such a close situation. Strange where my mind went. I did not think terrorism, or suicide. When faced with overwhelming information, you have to devise a reason quickly, even if the reason is wrong.

I remember watching the space shuttle explode on TV, and knowing it was a mechanical failure, which part i was not sure. So crashes and explosions are routine for me something mechanical first. 9/11 changed that for me, now I think who first. I imagine that many people think that way now.

Much more than the loss of life, I believe America lose its’ innocence that day. We grew into a world where others want to kill us. We drew in together and defended ourselves. Rightly so. We were all family, Race, Gender, Orientation, Economic status were no longer what defined us. We were Americans and you best leave us alone.

Standing in the ward talking to the psychiatrists, charge nurse, and nurses, our biggest concern was whether to tell the patients on the unit. The discussion waged for a few minutes and then we called the patients to the group room and told them what had happened. The fears we had about any out of control behavior were nixed when the American came out in them.

I remember.

I will Remember.

My question is what is going to help bring out the American in us today, where we look past race, color, creed, gender and walk as family.


” I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…”

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