Kershaw Emergency Preparedness Plans

From Mitch Lucas

The Town of Kershaw has been in prep mode since Monday for Hurricane Florence.

An Essential Staff meeting was held on Tuesday to review the preparation that had been completed on Monday and what other prep work needed to be completed.

The Town has an emergency call list to notify personnel of any situation.

Town employees will work all day on Wednesday to finish any task that remain on the prep list.

The Fire Department will have staff on hand during the emergency to assist in any rescue or fire possibility.

The Town’s utility and street department will assist the Fire Department with the clearing of debris or trees from the main roads once it is safe for that type work.

Once the  5 main roads are clear then work will begin on the Town streets (Hwy 521 South &  North, Hwy 601 North, Hwy 521 By-Pass (Matson Street), Highway 342 (Minor Street).

The Town’s reservoir will be lowered to account for rain fall.  The Golf Course pond will also be lowered.

All sewage lift station and water pump stations will be monitored to make certain water and sewer systems remain in operation.

Supplies have been stockpiled and inventoried to make certain the Town has the necessary equipment and supplies needed.

The Mayor will make a decision about closures on Thursday afternoon.

The only emergency shelter in the Kershaw area is located at AJ High School.

Mitch Lucas

Town Administrator

Town of Kershaw

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