Take Pictures Now!

We often think of hurricane preparedness as building a kit, and getting bread and water. Those are essentials no doubt. Pictures are a vital thing as well. Take pictures now before the storm arrives. Property, loved ones, communities and those things that are important to you.

WHY? because you may need them in the future as before and after shots of any storm damage. If there is significant flooding and your loved one is missing, they will ask for the most recent picture. It is a simple act that will save you lots of potential troubles later. Take pictures of belongings and serial numbers, just in case something goes missing.

How to store them. Store in two places, one physical and the other on an online storage service like Dropbox. They have a free account services, so you can store there for free, plus they have a smartphone app.

So, as you buy case of water, and a weeks worth of caned goods, shoot some pics as well. Be Safe.

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