Lancaster County Florence Update

Florence update for Lancaster: After meeting for an emergency planning session, we have a few things we would like you to know:

1. Currently Lancaster is forecasted to receive Tropical storm force winds and heavy rain beginning early Thursday and going into Friday. Our biggest threats are winds and flooding at this point, please prepare accordingly.

2. The governors mandatory school closing does not include us at this time. Follow the Lancaster County School District Safety & Transportation for more information.

3. A decision has not been made on administration building closings at this time. If conditions are as predicted, we will likely close early Thursday and be closed Friday.

4. We will not be opening any shelters at this time. In the event that overflow space is needed for coastal evacuees we will open shelters. Those locations will be determined at the time the need arises, but our shelters will be at area high schools if opened.

5. Recycling sites have already made the decision to modify the collection schedule, that schedule can be found on our facebook page or webpage.

6. If schools are closed if our Recreation department will follow their decision and will be closed. This means there will be no all day program if school is closed.

7. All Lancaster Courts will follow the Lancaster County Administration decisions. If the County decides to close there will be NO court, including Magistrates Court.

8. Expect increased traffic as evacuees will be moving into and through our County as early as today. Because there is a large equestrian event in Charlotte, evacuees may be forced further to the south or west.

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