A Night of One Act Plays-CPLC

The latest productions for the Community Playhouse of Lancaster County began last Friday, and continue this week with shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The three shows are derived for classic literature and tell the tales of an Unscary Ghost, Frankenstein, and the Lottery.  The actors sometimes have parts in several of the performances.

I will say that I was of the impression of the Lottery being about the Powerball, which it is not. I will not spoil the experience by telling you what it is about. I was a bit skeptical at first when the season of plays were announced, and wondered how they would pull it off. They did “pull it off’ and more. To say something is more than the sum of it’s parts is true here. The series of plays is a playhouse first, and they have done an excellent job with staging, direction, performing and everything that goes into a production.

I encourage you to take the time to get to a showing early this week. Photos from the rehearsal and performance are available for purchase here

Here are a few snapshots of the three plays


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