Schools Prepare For Florence

NOTE: AJHS is a emergency shelter location



The Things We Are Watching For With Hurricane Florence

1. The track has headed a little North and may make landfall around the NC and SC boarder area, possibly Wilmington.

2. We are still very unclear about the track and thus the amount of wind and rain we could receive here in Lancaster County.

3. We could still be greatly effected from a school standpoint even if weather is not as bad here. We might be ordered to send school buses to the lower part of the state if the need arises and the governor orders such measures as evacuation.

All of our high schools are designated as shelter areas for the Red Cross and could be opened for evacuees from the lower portion of the state if needed and shelters are ordered open.

While we are not clear what Thursday and Friday might hold for us we are doing our best to think ahead and be prepared.
We encourage you to do so as well.

Everyone needs to remember while we may not have a direct impact from the hurricane the indirect impact as described above could effect school operations. We will keep everyone informed and please share this insight with others so folks stay informed.

Thanks as always,

Bryan Vaughn
Safety and Transportation Director

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