Kershaw Counseling Closes Doors After 12 Years Serving Kershaw Area

From just a hand full of clients in need,  Kershaw Counseling has served the Kershaw Community area for the past 12 years. Offering child and adolescent therapy services, David Kellin brought trauma counseling to the tiny office on Hampton Street.

“I have been considering the future of the practice for a year or so. The number of people needing services has dropped off to the point where it is no longer financially prudent to keep the office open. The final decision was made when I received an announcement of a  rent increase coming October 1st. I want to be clear, the practice was about helping those in need, never was it about making money. I feel that I have had the best and greatest job in helping others. I will continue to help with my work in Lancaster. Here in Kershaw, I will be focusing on photography.”

The physical office will close on September 14th, 2018. As of today, no new clients are being accepted.

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