Lil Vols Camp Is Preparing Tomorrow’s Cheerleaders Today

It would be hard to miss where the Lil Vols Camp was being held this year, all you need do is listen. Flint Ridge Baptist Church’s activity building hosted the 58 Lil Vols for this year’s camp. Remodeling work at AJHS closed off the normal location in the gym.

The camp for both boys and girls is run by the Andrew Jackson JV and Varsity Cheerleaders. It is a lively and loud time. The Lil Vols do warm-ups, practice cheers, work on tumbling, learn how to be lifted, and scream.

The Lil Vols will perform for Parents tonight at 6:30pm and then will perform at the first Andrew Jackson Football home game.

The smiles that shone from the Lil Vols today, tell an important message, I Can Do It. The feeling of success and joy at being able to complete a stunt was ever present.  The Cheerleaders, by helping to inspire and show that it can be done, are planting the necessary seeds for tomorrow’s cheerleaders, and our future leaders. GO AJ!

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