Day Three at LCCA Arts and Sciences Camp

Day three,- How to tie your shoes! In the photography class today the Students practiced instructing a partner on how to tie their shoes. They could only instruct, not show. The object was for them to understand how specific instructions must be, and how we make assumptions about others understanding our instructions. I imagine many parents worked on tying there shoes after class let out.

The main focus today was to learn sequencing, and tying the shoes allowed them a multistage process to photograph. Then they paired up and one shot the art groups and then the partner took pictures of the partner taking pictures, then they reversed roles. We practiced being the least intrusive we could be so that we would not disturb the art classes. (10 people with cameras coming in the room was disturbing enough).

The students moved into a deeper understanding of changing positions to take pictures. Laying on the floor rather than standing upright. and practiced not taking the same shot as any other photographer.

The resulting pictures are getting better and more numerous. On Monday the average was about 17 shots per student, Today, Wednesday, the student shot no less than 50 shots, with some breaking the 200 shot mark.

Tommorow, we will be reviewing pictures and selectingthe top 8 pictures to show what Art and Science Camp is all about. We will have to put aside our personal desire to have our picture be the one featured, and look to the desires of the audience and readers. We want pictures that people will stop and look twice, and ones that people will remark about, which will make them “remarkable” pictures. Below are editor selections of some of the best I found in today’s picture submissions.

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