Welcome Pantagraph’s Student Photojournalists.

Pantagraph is glad to announce the first group of student Photojournalists. The 8 eager young people are learning the ropes of how to take pictures and use pictures to tell a story. They have gathered at the Lancaster County Council of the Arts summer camp in Lancaster at Discovery school.

Each student is allowed to use a donated camera to learn how to develop the stories. The first assignment is to be able to tell the story of Art camp in a max of 8 pictures. Additional story assignments may be given during the week-longĀ orientation.

Day one was spent getting their assignment, taking credential pictures, Going out and shooting some initial pictures. Days two through four will be refining how we shoot pictures, and reviewing the remarkable pictures and selecting the 8 pictures for submission to the Lancaster News at the end of the month.

Each student will have the opportunity to create a story for Pantagraph and have their own byline. The ability to learn and shoot continues as they will keep their Pantagraph credential and will be given connecting information to submit for consideration in future articles.

Let me introduce you to them.


art camp lancaster 7-9-2018 11-58 AM0379

Sara, Scout, Olivia, Zachary, Brianna, Natalie, Lilly, and Alonna



Some first-day shots.


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