The Teak Wood Table

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My journalistic origins began in Midland Michigan when I was in 9th grade. I was “hired” by the local newspaper to report on the tennis scores for the high school teams. I would sit dutifully collecting the scores as each match was played. Later at home, I would sit at the Teak wood dining room table and rack my brain for adjectives to describe how each match went. I ended up despising that task.

Fast forward to about 4 years ago, and my photojournalist side popped up again, and I began writing and shooting pictures. Now, I write mostly sports and about some local events. I have never felt worried or afraid about doing this job. Even standing on the sidelines of a Gamecock football game was not very worrying.

As a freelancer, I get to work with some great people. Lots of smiling friendly caring people. The staff at the Lancaster News has been welcoming each and every time I have gone to the offices. Jim McKeown and the News Era were equally welcoming.

Something changed in the world this week. The safety and security of the news world has been shattered. In just the shortest of time, fellow journalists died in their place of work. These could have been the fellow media folks in our community. It hit home.

I have watched with no amusement as our leader labeled us as the enemy of the people, and decries anything not agreed to as “Fake News”. I have felt the tide turn against those who are working to be the observers for the people. I am appalled that people can be this way. Frankly it has me concerned for my safety. When I covered the shooting in Kershaw recently, should I have been more observant to who was around me?


Being called names and threatened is part of the game. Journalists know that they are facing many threats, and if we shy away from our duty to be the observer, the world is darkened and uninformed. We ask tough questions because the world need complete information. We put out a newspaper the day following the murder of 5 colleagues because we are the observers.

The hours at the Teak wood table, taught me much about how to observe things. Through my words and pictures I still am. The truest fact being, that just as the hateful rhetoric is thrown out, as the stories of horror emerge, and stories of hope surface, where will you turn to learn more? To the observers.  That is why we do what we do.

Dedicated to the Observers at the Capital Gazette


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