For The Love Of Tre.

Written by Erica Abbott

LHS recognized around 320 graduates last night after a 4:00 pm decision to move the ceremony into the gym. I had to tell 4 family members that they could not go after driving from out of town. Each graduate was allowed 5 family members. After standing in line over an hour outside I sat beside a family of about 8 people who were there to celebrate Tre. After sitting there for a few minutes I contemplated moving because I knew what was coming. They were going to really get on my nerves. As the graduates walked in, each person in that family videoed the wrong kid 3 different times until they actually found Tre. I do not know Tre but I can tell you this kid is loved. I saw it and I heard it!!!!!
Ashley was the first person to receive her Diploma and you could have heard a pin drop. By the time they got to Tre on the back row I could not hear myself think. I can honestly say that my head was pounding by the time I got home. I tried to decide what I thought about what I had just experienced. That could have ranged from disgust to excitement. I tried to hang on to what Derwin Grey said at the baccalaureate service. We have to remember that a large majority of the people there have never and will never again celebrate an accomplishment like that. They just survive on a daily basis and this ceremony was way bigger to them than we can ever imagine. They will never hear their name called out in a celebratory fashion or be praised by their family and friends for anything else. Wearing that cap and gown is worth a million dollars and happiness that we can’t understand. There were many people that were not allowed in. I saw a few standing outside the closed doors with flowers in their hands. It was a privilege to be inside! I wanted to give the people outside my ticket because they wanted to be there more than I did. They had flowers. I did not!!
I am not discounting the importance of respect and we will always wish the people around us would have more of it, but we have to remember it isn’t always about us. By the end of the ceremony even I was feeling love for Tre. His family was so proud of him and he never stopped smiling. His aunt warned me that they were about to yell because she didn’t want me to wet myself when they did.
I will always love LHS and try to remember that we are surrounded by all walks of life. The circumstances for students at LHS are more extreme than any other school and in much higher numbers. We can help make a difference if we let ourselves.
I was very annoyed at times but if the ceremony would have been outside it would have been a different story. There were at least 2000 people packed in that gym but they made it work! I would not want to be in charge! I now know why Ms. Mood wanted prayers for good weather!
Blue and Gold forever!!!

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