Release from LCSD About ILMS

Indian Land Area Parents Please Read

We sent out a Connect Ed message about rumors of a shooting at Indian Land Middle.

I realize some of you may want more information than we can release but we can’t do so because of investigative purposes. I can assure you this was not a detailed threat. In reality, it could be debated as to whether what was written was a threat at all.

Many people have started a rumor mill on social media in regards to a date,time , and event where some act was threatened to occur. This is completely 100% false. We will have extra security on hand because a perception has been created that some event will occur but we have no information to validate such rumor.

Parents will make their own judgments about this event but I can assure you that if we believed there was a credible threat to our students we would be the first to cancel school. We believe this is a manufactured rumor to interfere with school operations. We take student safety seriously and will respond to this with a serious approach but the threat level in this event is extremely low based on the information we have.

Bryan Vaughn

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