AC Unit fire at Kershaw Elementary

An AC unit is reported to have been smoking and caught fire at Kershaw Elementary on the Primary hall. The school has been evacuated, and not reports of injuries were made. This comes on the heels of the Andrew Jackson Middle School fire. Will update this page as more information becomes available

11:28am Student remain outside the school as school officials determine if they will be dismissed for the rest of the day. Smoky smells linger in the school. As was learned at AJMS, the smoke can be a hazardous event even after it has cleared the building, with residue left on surfaces.

11:32am copy of AJ Emergency Text : Air conditioner caught fire. All children have been evacuated and accounted for. We are still evaluating damage.

11:33am Copy of another AJ Emergency Text : Kershaw Elementary evacuated after air conditioner began smoking on outside of building. Fire Department on scene, everyone ok.

11:38am At least four fire department responded to the fire at Kershaw Elementary. Lancaster, Heath Springs, Kershaw responding.

11:39am Students will be dismissed at 12:30am. Parents are being notified at this time.

11:48am Copy of AJ Emergency Text : Kershaw Elementary will be dismissed at 1230. Minor damage but we need time to clean up and evaluate. Air conditioner caught fire.

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