Choosing To Play Is A Value Builder

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Miriam-Webster defines it as firm adherence to a code of, especially moral or artistic values. I believe that the Buford Senior Girls Softball Players should be added to the definition of integrity. The events of the Upper State Championships brought that quality into testing. Commitment vs desire was tested.

The game was postponed due to weather and moved to the date of the Buford Prom. This brought the seniors on the Buford team into an adult kind of conflict. The need to put that which we have committed to first in priority vs that which would be enjoyable. This is a challenge that adults are faced with daily.

My Little Bit is challenged with this kind of dilemma, do dishes or play with iPad. She is 13, so she is just getting the hang of making that right choice. I would hope she would reflect on the softball dilemma the next time she is faced with the decision point related to dishes. I am not equating iPads with Prom, just that the choice process is similar.

Prom is a once in lifetime event. You can’t duplicate it. Girls, this is not the first lifetime event you will miss, trust me. Integrity is something you build over time, not a one-off event. You did not become full of integrity on Friday. You have built it over time by making the right and oft difficult choices. Will most of those decisions get you accolades, Nope! You made them because they were the right choices. You lost the game you stayed to play. I am sorry that outcome happened. The bigger victory is not on the scoreboard, but in who you are. That victory will last longer.

I know it is tempting to get really frustrated with the SCHSL, or the schools, and rant and rave. Kind of like ranting at the fallen tree for damaging your car. Might feel good, but how much will it impact the future of falling trees. Stuff happens, and we adjust, that is life.

Parents, realize the greatness you have helped foster in your girls, integrity is a long-term building process. You succeeded. On Friday, your child’s choices were your home run.

It would be so easy to stand up and protest. We can even detest the SCHSL. Boycott the whole sanctioning process. I wonder though if trying to make them want more accessible, we lose sight of that quiet success that the challenges like this one help to bring about. It has been said, embrace your conflicts, for that, is what matures you. How much more mature will the girls be as a result of choosing the game vs the prom?

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